Wednesday, January 28, 2009


There is a certain power to words that is often not addressed, the power of words not spoken. These words are the most misunderstood and underestimated words in all the world.

Haven't you ever wished you told someone how you really feel or felt the sting of wishing someone would utter the right thing at the right moment only to never have it happen? Or sat on the couch while the person next to you doesn't hear a word you've said and when they say "what?", you say "Nothing"?

There are no more words to express what I feel now, having opened myself up to find my feelings rebuked and belittled. And yet, a few simple words could save me, a few measly bon mots to soothe my troubled spirit but this is not a gift I will receive. So inexpensive, so perfectly fitting yet never once given and certainly never when I need it the most.

Which makes me feel alone in my love. More attention, more words being shared, given to others and none left for me and no time spent with the words I've tried to give you. So be careful or you will simply be a cunning linguist alone with nothing but your empty words.

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