Thursday, January 8, 2009

Emptiness of War

The leaves flew around the empty playground

where the children didn't play anymore

and all the grass had begun to decay

The trees had withered

Their branches clawing at the cold earth

like angry fingers clinging to survival

The clouds never leave

There is no shelter, no solace

Only despair and hopelessness

A broken swing clanging in the distance

reminds us death lurks behind every shadow

Ghosts wandering, rejoicing in our pain

and everywhere you look, there is destruction

Life is taken before it can be lived

Forever altering the course of history

The damage so devastating

there is little hope for renewal

Where can we go can from here

Have we lost our hold on tomorrow

the future slipping through our fingers?


Stop the devastation before it is too late! Somewhere out there is a new day...

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