Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Color of Pain

What color is Pain?
Is it black? Dark and disturbing
Is it purple? Vivid and real
Is it red? Bloody and beaten
Is it blue? Sad and lonely
Is it green? Dying and decayed
Is it brown? Dirty and spoiled
Is it white? Bright and clear
Won't you tell me what color it is
Maybe then I can make it go
Mask it. Hide it. Suppress It. Bury it.
Where does it come from?
How do I make it go?
Does pain know what time it is?
Does it hurt the most in the dark?
How does it know when you are alone?
How does it know your vulnerabilities?
the secrets you keep?
How does it know weakness from strength?
Self pity from self doubt?
I wish I knew what color pain was
But I fear the truth
Pain is a rainbow

This photo has been updated with one I took. Thank you to my friend Bill for loaning me his awesome image to use.

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