Thursday, May 7, 2009

Desert, Sun, Water

You are angry, yet beautiful

Like a woman possessed

At first glance, gray and bare

Devoid of all life

Then the glimpses of color

Begin to caress my eyes

Red, like the blood you have

Drained, stains your walls

Shades of green and yellow

Touch down in the caverns

and crooks, where water once

Roared over you

You are not barren but bountiful

Wild bursts of pink and purple

Scattered throughout the brown dust

At one moment, still and quiet

The next, winds swirl in a thousand

Directions at once, warning

Visitors of your power and fury

You are to be revered, respected

Even feared

Relentlessly caressing me, while

Breathing new days into you

The sun unleashes all she has

To offer and your reach for her

Open wide and wide open

Water, blue as the cloudless sky

Above you, defies nature

Cool and still, it invites

Calls for me to ripple its surface

It is your mirror, where you

survey your beauty and

Revel in your unique glory

Lulling me into a false sense of security

As the blue sky turns black

Filling with impossibly near moons

And ages dark stars

The scorching heat of your days

Becomes the ripping cold of your nights

I am humbled by all that you are

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